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Connected Aircraft

As the functions and capabilities of the connected aircraft are rapidly expanding, CertifyNation can help integrate these technologies into your aircraft.  An IP based aircraft means flight crews and maintenance personnel have access to real-time information to streamline processes, improve the passenger experience, assist the crew to be more productive, provide safer flights, more efficient maintenance practices, and deliver optimal aircraft performance, all resulting in new revenue and cost-saving opportunities.

IIot connected aircraft
Connected aircraft are able to provide:

  • Flight data and data analysis
  • Flight Route Optimization saving fuel and flight time
  • Better fleet management
  • Maximize efficiencies across the fleet
  • Weather avoidance for improved fuel economy and enjoyable flight
  • Provide a personalized passenger experience
  • Predictive maintenance for ground crews reducing turnaround time or delays
  • Enhanced airport operations

CertifyNation’s extensive STC experience and FAA Part 21 (Parts Manufacturing Approval) authority gives us the ability to help you get your aircraft’s connected system designed, certified, and installed quickly and efficiently.


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