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Engineering & Design

CertifyNation® engineers are certification experts, specifically trained to create design and analysis data that is compliant with civil aviation authority regulatory and guidance material. We have developed holistic aerospace engineering services and engineering design principles governed by civil aviation authority regulations and aircraft OEM standard practices. This holistic framework accelerates certification timelines by reducing design iterations and eliminating parts and designs that are non-compliant. With our team’s extensive industry experience, we offer a wide variety of engineering capabilities, including the design of custom products.

Aerospace Engineering Services and Capabilities

  • Structural mounting provisions
  • Discrete and complex wire and cable harnesses
  • RF coax harnesses engineering and analysis
  • Aircraft wire harness routing and clamping
  • Pre-wired rack/pallet/tray assemblies
  • Aircraft and subsystem plenum and discrete cooling and thermal management
  • Heavy power/circuit breaker/junction box development and modification
  • In-seat/off-seat/flight deck/crew station AC and DC power outlets
  • Pressure vessel penetrations
  • Layout of passenger accommodations (LOPA)
  • Emergency equipment
  • Emergency escape path lighting configuration
  • Carpet replacement
  • Interior modifications (monument reconfiguration, galley, lavatory, carpet/floor panel replacement, etc.)
  • Custom avionics and structures tooling
  • Custom products

Rack design for in-flight entertainment system

Design Expertise

  • Full scale systems engineering (requirements management, block diagram authoring, developing system architectures)
  • Concept design and illustration
  • 2D and 3D electrical schematics, block and wiring CAD
  • 2D and 3D mechanical CAD
  • 3D digital prototyping
  • 3D electrical wire and cable harness
  • 3D presentations
  • 3D modeling, animation and rendering

RAAS Override Switch Panel Assembly

Testing and Analysis

  • Flight Tests
  • Ground Tests
  • Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (TPED) & Portable Electronic Devices (PED) Testing
    • DO-294C – Guidance on Allowing Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDS) on Aircraft
    • DO-307 Change 1 – Aircraft Design and Certification for Portable Electronic Device (PED) Tolerance
    • Advisory Circular 20-164
    • PED ARC Report