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In addition to our experienced, nimble engineering team, we have developed a set of partnerships that allow us to deliver STCs faster. We have developed strong relationships with Organization Designation Authorization (ODAs), ODA Unit Members (UM) and Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) in order to further expedite the STC process and receive issuances quicker than our competitors. Our offering, which includes in-house design engineering and PMA’d installation kits, along with our model to issue the STCs via the ODA, has proven to be very effective in support of our customers‘ retrofit programs.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the U.S. government agency that regulates the civil aviation industry to ensure safety and efficiency. One of the agency’s major responsibilities is to certify that aircraft are safe for civil and commercial use. Aircraft that are certified by the FAA are issued a type certificate to indicate it is compliant with regulations. When a new or replacement part is installed on an FAA-certified aircraft, a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is required to modify the aircraft from its original design. The STC demonstrates how the original design is impacted by the new part and signifies FAA approval of the modified design.

New avionics technologies are constantly being released to market that operators want to use on their aircraft. Operators are looking to acquire STCs for new technologies quickly in order to accelerate implementation and minimize aircraft downtime. CertifyNation is known for its FAA STC delivery speed. The FAA’s STC process is complex, time-consuming and often frustrating for industry professionals who are trying to receive an STC within a specific timeframe. To address the lengthy, complicated aircraft certification process, we specialize in a set of comprehensive certification services that streamline the process and make the STC process a smooth and stress-free experience for our customers.

Our certification engineers are regulation experts and thoroughly understand FAA certification standards and guidelines. By designing with regulations in mind, we are able to accelerate certification timelines by reducing design iterations and eliminating parts and designs that are non-compliant. We have a wide range of experience working on FAA STC projects on a variety of systems and aircraft, including RAAS, ADS-B and in-flight entertainment on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

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