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Testing and Analyses

CertifyNation has extensive experience in the testing and analyses of Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (TPED). We have a growing database of tested and approved parts. Our goal is to simply get your fleet capable of using PEDs during all phases of flight.

Our method of testing is unparalleled in the industry allowing for testing of an entire aircraft to be completed on a single overnight. This allows minimal to no downtime of the aircraft thus decreasing overall costs.

On top of that, we have access to multiple sets of test equipment and testing teams allowing us to fit into your program's or aircraft's schedule.

  • TPED Testing & PED Testing
  • DO-294C - Guidance on Allowing Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDS) on Aircraft
  • DO-307 Change 1 - Aircraft Design and Certification for Portable Electronic Device (PED) Tolerance
  • Advisory Circular 20-164
  • PED ARC Report
  • Ground Tests
  • Flight Tests
TPED Test on A320 for jetBlue in New York, USA
TPED Test on A320 for jetBlue in New York, USA
TPED Test on E190 for jetBlue in Boston, USA
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